Vaser Shape in Alpharetta, GA

Vaser Shape Non-Invasive Fat Removal in Alpharetta/Cumming/Roswell, Georgia

Dr. Brian Howard is excited to bring on the new non-invasive fat removal device, called the Vaser Shape, into his cosmetic surgery practice covering the areas of Alpharetta/Cumming/Roswell/Johns Creek, Georgia.  Dr. Howard continues to evaluate the available and future-coming non-invasive technologies that provide cosmetic and plastic surgery options for his busy plastic surgery practice in North Alpharetta.  As. Dr. Brian Howard sees it, the future continues to shift more and more toward non-invasive procedures that offer similar benefits and risks to existing invasive procedures, but which limit the down time and recovery of more invasive options currently available.  These non-invasive options offer, in turn, hope to those who cannot afford the time away from work or family normally required with invasive cosmetic surgery procedures.  The Vaser Shape offers just these exact benefits!

The Vaser Shape is an ultrasound-based technology that can permanently reduce focal collections of fat without any incisions, any stitches, minimal discomfort, and no downtime!  The Vaser Shape technology works by heating up selected areas of fat with ultrasound to the point that the fat cells release the triglycerides contained within them, and then the fat can be eliminated by the body’s natural systems.  Over a series of 6 to 8 office-based treatments, without the need for anesthesia, in his Roswell, Georgia office, you can effectively and permanently get rid of problem areas of excess fat without pain or recovery!  Each Vaser Shape treatment, depending on the size or number of areas being addressed, will take approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours, and can be repeated every week until the procedures are complete.  Most patients will see immediate changes even with the first treatment!

Call Dr. Brian Howard’s office near Alpharetta, Georgia, to see if Vaser Shape is a good option for your non-invasive fat removal!