The Dermapen

The Dermapen device’s revolutionary design evolved partly from a centuries-old Chinese technology that uses needles therapeutically in a similar fashion as acupuncture–although the Dermapen microneedling device is based on a purely scientific principle and not mysterious folklore.  The difference is that with the Dermapen, Dr. Howard will be making carefully placed microscopic punctures into your skin to stimulate collagen production that will result in skin tightening, skin rejuvenation or to help minimize existing scars. By delivering precisely controlled microscopic injuries without the need for energy-based devices like lasers, the discomfort felt by the patient is greatly reduced, treatment times are quicker, healing is much faster, and risky side effects are greatly minimized, making for a much better experience.

The mechanism responsible for your skin’s resulting tightened fine lines and wrinkles or diminished acne (or other existing) scars, is known as collagen induction therapy.  Initial device designs worked with rolling devices which have been shown to cause more skin trauma and injury without the fine control provided with the Dermapen by delivering perpendicular puncture wounds. The needles are extremely thin with a diameter of 200 microns.  The device has full control of both the depth of needle penetration (up to 2.5 mm to treat thick scars including acne scars) and piston stroke frequency of up to 90 per second (or up to nearly 1000 microwounds per second).

Since no tissue ablation occurs with the Dermapen microneedling device, risks are minimal and healing time is usually only a day or two!  The Dermapen may be safely used on all skin types and most body areas since no tissue ablation takes place.

Most patients require a series of four to six treatments to achieve their therapy goals.

Dr. Brian Howard will evaluate you with a personal office consultation to determine if you are a candidate for the Dermapen.