Winter Skin You Don’t Have To Be In

Posted in Non Surgical Treatment | December 12, 2014

winterskinThe winter cold can leave your skin looking dryer than the Sahara Desert on the hottest day of the year. No matter what you seem to do, your skin still looks cracked and lifeless. Luckily, nature already provides the best remedies for dry skin.

Pine Tree


As mentioned in previous posts, pine tree oil is great for treating cold symptoms and relieving stress. You can find pine tree oil in many skin care products from lotions to bath soaps and so on. What this oil is it acts as an antioxidant to iron out those wrinkles and age marks. Dermatologists often prescribe the oil to treat cases of psoriasis, itching, pimples, eczema, and more skin problems.



The bees are hard at work to provide a healthier sweetener, a baking ingredient, and a skin exfoliator? That’s right, honey has shown to clean and hydrate the skin, leaving a glow. Honey can also fade scars with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds. Honey is also said to lighten skin.

Honey can also be used as an acne treatment, an all-natural conditioner, hair highlighter, and a sunburn treatment. With the anti-inflammatory properties, honey can calm redness and irritation of the skin. Your hair can benefit from the enzymes in honey, giving it a shine without weighing it down.



You can get a little piece of paradise with the benefits that coconuts give you. Not only is it good for your skin, but coconuts help control diabetes, increase the tolerance of your immune system, and boost energy. Also, coconut oil can be used as an anti-aging treatment against wrinkles with its anti-carcinogenic properties.

Coconut oil is great as it moisturizes the skin, preventing dryness and flakiness. It also detoxifies your skin from bacteria, fungi, and other germs. And, if you ever want to reverse the effects of tanning, coconut oil will do the trick.



Before you pour that milk into a glass or bowl, learn this: milk has many benefits for the skin. For example, milk soothes irritation, acts as a superior cleanser, and shrinks pores. Like coconut oil, milk also improves complexion. Milk can also be used to remove dead skin cells.



So, before I continue, I will remind you that this is not a reminder to eat breakfast, but as well as other natural skin care remedies, oatmeal offers great advantages for the skin. A facial of hot cooked oatmeal can be used to treat acne, remove redness and irritation, and naturally cleanse your skin deep inside the pores. Did you know that oatmeal could also treat chicken pox and poison ivy?



Bananas are a delicious fruit that… can be used to achieve great skin? Almost. The oil found in banana peels can be used to get that great skin. It acts as a nourishment to reduce dryness and flaky skin and tightens skin cells. It also contains the power to hamper the production of Eumelanin, which darkens the skin tone.


The elements of nature are all around you. From honey to coconuts, nature provides the remedies for beaming, glowing skin. You’re just a glass of milk and a banana peel away from achieving it!

Peppermint & Pine: The Benefits of Christmas

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Don’t you just love the smell of December? The Christmas tree lights up the house while its lovely smell infuses with the feeling of joy. The pine scent fills the air, and it smells like Christmas. The tree is full of memories hanging from each branch and alongside hangs candy canes ready to be eaten. This is what you think of when you think peppermint and pine in the holidays, but do you really know what they can do for you?


Vitamin C isn’t just found in oranges…


In the early 1940s, French researcher Jacques Masquelier discovered that pine bark and needles contained vitamin C. He also found that pine contains beneficial antioxidants such as flavonols. It was then that he discovered Pycnogenol, which today is marketed as a dietary supplement.

Stress Relief and Enhanced Memory


Both pine and peppermint oils both are found to relieve stress. Taking a walk in the woods is common in many places as it relaxes your mind. Also, massages with pine essential oil have been proven to not only ease muscle tension, but provide mental clarity in today’s busy world. Peppermint oil is most often used for its aroma. The scent of peppermint can ease your mind. Peppermint is also known to get rid of headaches, enhance memory, and increase alertness.

Take A Deep Breath


Pine trees are a great remedy for that winter allergy that spreads right before the holidays. Pine tree oil has been shown to alleviate symptoms of chest colds and provide relief for illnesses such as bronchitis. Acting as a gentle decongestant, pine trees make it easier to breathe when with a stuffy nose.

Peppermint has its fair share of remedy-like treatments. Like pine, peppermint is another great decongestant that loosens mucus and makes it easier to breathe. Also, peppermint contains rosmarinic acids (also found in rosemary) that reduce inflammation in asthma patients.

A Little Rub Down..


As mentioned above, pine tree oil can act as a great massage lubricant to help ease muscle tension and relieve mental stress. Peppermint can also do the trick with sore muscles and muscle pain. Rubbing one or both of these oils on your skin will reduce pain, stress, and worry.

Gargle with Peppermint


Peppermint is a great way to freshen breath. It also has been shown to slightly whiten teeth. But what you might not know is that peppermint oil is one of the most natural mouthwashes and germ killer there is. Also, peppermint helps prevent cavities!


So, there you have it. Your Christmas tree sits in the corner, decorated with the fondest memories of the past. Candy canes hang from the branches as well. Then, you think… Is there anything pine and peppermint CAN’T do?!


Which Celebrity Has Undergone The Most Plastic Surgery?

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Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

In today’s world, it’s a necessity to feel beautiful. With celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures, it triggers a trend, so to speak. Movie premieres, red carpet events, award shows, and television appearances all have celebrities on their toes about looking feeling their best. The spotlight applies this pressure to be beautiful. This is why numerous celebrities have went under the knife, but how much is too much? Which celebrity has undergone the most plastic surgery?


Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

If Cher could turn back time… Well, that’s what she’s doing. The worldwide phenom claims to have had a nose job and breast augmentation, but there are speculations to the singer having a tummy tuck, liposuction, fat grafting facelift, eyelid surgery, injectable fillers, and Botox. “In my job, becoming old and becoming extinct are one and the same,” she was quoted.


Joan Rivers

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

The late comedienne, Joan Rivers, was no stranger to cosmetic procedures. In fact, she advocated, “Looking 50 is great – if you’re 60.” Of course, with humor, she jokingly added, “I’ve had so much plastic surgery that, when I die, they will donate my body to Tupperware.” She was an early proponent to plastic surgery procedures. The funny-woman reportedly had several nose jobs, liposuction, a tummy tuck, and number Botox injections.


Michael Jackson

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

From “Thriller” to “Gotta Be Startin’ Something”, Michael Jackson’s discography is one to envy. What’s as noticeable as the former Jackson 5’s discography? His drastic changes in physical appearance. Michael Jackson’s skin tone went lighter, and his nose went thinner. By 1990, MJ had already undergone 10 facial surgeries alone. Surgeries on the legendary icon rumor to be a cleft chin insert, numerous nose jobs, forehead lift, cheek filler injections, and lip alterations.


Donatella Versace

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

Donatella, once the muse for the Versace brand, took over as chief designer of the company after the murder of former owner, her older brother, Giovanni “Gianni” Versace. Since the 90’s, Donatella has undergone surgeries for her nose and lips, among numerous other adjustments. She also confirms Botox procedures.


Lil’ Kim

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

In the mid 90’s, Lil’ Kim made a reputable name for herself by being one of first mainstream female rappers. Disappearing from the spotlight in the 2000’s, she returned a few years later looking noticeably different. Lil’ Kim’s nose was shaped, her cheeks were fuller, and her lips were bigger. She denies any surgery, and claim that her photos are altered, saying on Twitter,”…Years & years they have been photoshopping pics of me & sabotaging my image…”


Jocelyn Wildenstein

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

The wife of French billionaire, Alec Wildenstein, Jocelyn had it all. She wanted to please her husband, who was a big cat lover, so she went under the knife for multiple surgeries to make her look more “feline”. Having spent an estimated $4 million on surgeries alone, Jocelyn says she is happy with how she looks. She feels beautiful and she got what she wanted. Afterwards, the Wildensteins divorced, leaving Jocelyn with a $2.3 billion settlement, following $100 million each year for 13 years. She was ordered that she couldn’t use the alimony money for future cosmetic procedures.


Dolly Parton

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

“You owe it to people not to look like a dog if you can help it!,” the country crooner, Dolly Parton, said in a 2012 interview with InTouch Weekly. She started her career at an early age, but as she reached the peak of her fame, she “busted” out onto the scene… Get it? Well, if her obvious breast augmentation wasn’t enough, Miss “9 to 5” has been on the table for liposuction, fillers, Botox, nose jobs, and more. Now, she says that she’s just focused on maintanence – with fillers and Botox.


Janice Dickinson

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

Self-proclaimed as the “world’s first supermodel”, Janice Dickinson is familiar with cosmetic procedures. She confirms that she has had a face lift, brow lift, a tummy tuck, fillers, and 30-YEAR-OLD breast implants! She makes an appearance on E!’s Botched to correct the disfiguration of her breasts from these implants.


These celebrities are just a few out of the numerous stars who have went under the knife and undergone cosmetic procedures. It’s hard to choose one that has had the most work done, but there are plenty of celebs that are ranked high on the list. Who do you think has had the most plastic surgery procedures?

The 4 Surprising Facts About Botox

Posted in Atlanta Plastic Surgery, Body Procedures, Non Surgical Treatment | November 6, 2014

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrowsBotox injections are a common procedure among those of which surgeons perform. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was an estimated count of over 186,500 Botox procedures conducted in 2013. With Botox ranking as the top non-invasive procedure, minds unconsciously wonder the benefits of the chemical, botulinum toxin (Botox).

Interestingly enough, what the chemical can do is surprising:


Botox has its roots in food poisoning.

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

In the early 1800’s, Justinus Kerner discovered Botox in spoiled meat. This is how Botox got it’s name. He called his discovery “botulism”, derived from the Latin word botulus, which means “sausage”. In addition to rotten meat, botulinum can be found in canned vegetables, soil, and dust.


Botox can be used to treat depression.

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

A Maryland dermatologist, Dr. Eric Finzi, pioneered the finding that Botox can be used to treat depression. He used 74 test subjects for his research, splitting them into two groups, and injecting the two groups differently (OBA with the injection, onabotulinumtoxinA, and placebo with a corrugator between the brows) . The depressive symptoms of the OBA group decreased 47% after six weeks. There was a noted 21% of decreased symptoms from the placebo group.


Botox also cures medical conditions.

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

Severe sweating, eyelid spasms, psoriasis, and chronic migraines are some conditions that Botox has been found to treat. In the 1950’s, it was found that Botox can reduce muscle spasms. This discovery was helpful in the treatment of these medical conditions. Botox is handy for relaxing muscles related to nerve damage from conditions such as multiple sclerosis and spine injury. The Botox injection limits muscles contraction, which can be beneficial to you if you have any of the mentioned conditions. 


It can even be used for urinary tract dysfunctions.

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrows

Botox can be the remedy for overactive bladders as it helps by relaxing the bladder muscle, limiting possible leaking episodes or trips to the restroom. Botox is FDA-approved to treat urinary incontinence.

While the FDA are occupied with the discovery of more uses for this muscle relaxing chemical, it is important to work with a doctor who is experienced with the use of Botox. For medical condition treatment, help with depression, or overactive bladder function, Botox can be your remedy.

How To Make Your Facelift Last Longer

Posted in Atlanta Plastic Surgery, Face Surgery Procedures, Non Surgical Treatment | September 30, 2014

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrowsWhen you’re feeling droopy, your friends always advise you to keep your head up. Well, your face is one of the most important parts of your head, so a great way to get rid of that droopiness and refresh your appearance is by a facelift. A facelift is a procedure that tightens the skin of the face and sends wrinkles and crinkles to their grave.

While the surgery has different results for every patient, a full facelift procedure could last 5-8 years. This length of rejuvenation is decent, but the secrets we’re about to tell facelift patients about how to keep that face lifted longer will make you consider getting one yourself.

Like for most people, sunrays take a toll on your skin. Especially after a facelift procedure, it is advised to stay away from the sun for a bit. Direct exposure to the sunlight causes those wrinkles and can contribute to skin cancer. An SPF of 30 to 40 is recommended daily to keep your face looking rich of youth.

Hydration is a skin’s best friend. Your skin responds to proper hydration by maintaining a glow, which is produced by an abundance of collagen and elastin, making your face look supple. Drinking 4 16-ounce glasses of water a day will keep your skin looking vigorous and full of life.

A poor choice in one’s lifestyle is a factor in the way your skin looks. Drinking, smoking, poor health choices, and major fluctuations in weight can have a negative effect on plastic surgery results. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise can help regulate your skin and actually help in the results of your procedure.

Skin care products are the prescription drugs for post-facelift patients. Besides using sunscreen, using mild, hypoallergenic products can help in the recovery of your skin. Fragrance-free moisturizers and lotions are also beneficial in the process as well. After surgery, using a retinoid, which is chemically similar to vitamin A, will help with any irregular pigmentation of the skin, as well as fine lines, and healing.

Regular injectable appointments are in order for a post-op facelift patient. Refreshing the results with injectable fillers is a popular option. Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are being used to improve the appearance of the facelift in the areas the traditional surgery can’t touch.

If considering a facelift procedure, it is recommended to be in the best health before the surgery. Myths about this type of procedure are concluded that everyone ages the same, and if you have cosmetic surgery, you will not age naturally. Dr. Rohrich of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, busts these myths, saying that everyone ages differently in the face, and the environment one is in plays a role in how they age. Additionally, it is said that aging in the face is due to loosening of the skin and loss of facial fat, and that with this information, customized facelift technology is now available by using new concepts of fat compartments and replacement.

For post-op facelift patients, the only step to making that lift last longer is by taking care of your skin!

3D Printers Bring A New Dimension To Cosmetic Surgery

Posted in Atlanta Plastic Surgery, Body Procedures, Non Surgical Treatment | September 30, 2014

Young sexy girl with facial treatment modern arrowsMany have dreamed of the day where plastic surgery would expand beyond the common Botox injections and nose jobs. They’ve dreamed of correcting deformities with more customization to each patient, expanding to personalized medicine. With 3D printing entering the field of medicine, this dream is close to being reached.

Additive manufacturing, another name for 3D printing, was first developed in the 1980s. Since then, strides have been made in taking 3D printing beyond expectations of intent. From architectural design to automotive creation, a new form of physicality in the making.

Stories of 3D printing in the medical field first rose to mention in December of 2013 when Dutch surgeons placed a plastic skull dome on a 22-year-old woman’s brain. She had a rare bone condition that was causing her skull to thicken, which pressed down on brain tissue causing vision loss and extreme headaches. The 23-hour surgery’s success was as planned, and it was a procedure that was unparalleled to any surgery of its kind.

According to studies conducted by the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, no less than 5.5 million people have already underwent 3D printing procedures for body parts or implants. This statistic ranges from fully developed prosthetics to custom printed bone structures. Doctors say that 3D printing is the future of new plastic surgery operations.

Dr. Matthew Bramlet, a pediatric cardiologist at Children’s Hospital of Illinois, commissioned to have a 3D printed heart from a 9-month-old patient with a congenital heart defect. He brought the idea to the patient’s cardiac surgeon, Dr. Randall Fortuna, when their planned surgery was posing a potentially fatal threat.

By basing images from the patient’s MRI scans the 3D printer was able to construct a heart duplicate to that of the patient by using polymer powder and liquid glue. The 3D printer was able to correct the 9-month-old’s defect of having many holes in her heart.

Not only has 3D printing stabilized patients of the medical field, it has also been used for creating other things in fields such as aerospace and food industries. In the future, 3D printing is expected to make life we know today barely recognizable in 50 to 75 years time.

3D printing is a market that has skyrocketed into mainstream in just this year alone. Companies like Amazon, Intel, and The Home Depot are offering some sort of 3D printing purchases. Either selling 3D printers in their locations, or giving customers an option to purchase products that can be 3D printed on demand, these companies are jumping on board with the trend.

Predictions are being made that the worldwide demand for 3D printing will increase at least 20% each year – projecting sales of $5 billion in 2017. Buildings, clothes, musical instruments, shoes, and more will be printed and sold to the public. From meeting everyday needs to correcting medical conditions, 3D printing is the future of tomorrow.

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