Psychological Benefits of Plastic Surgery

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You wake up in the morning and cringe slightly the moment you look in the mirror. You try to avoid catching glimpses of your reflection in a window, or a moving car, because the moment you do, you know you’ll regret it, but you can’t help it. If someone stares at you for too long you know they’re judging you (whether they really are or not). This sickness eats away at you every moment of the day. Maybe it’s the mole on your face, or the little flab underneath your chin, or the extra skin on your lower abdomen. You can’t stand the way you look and no matter what you do, you don’t feel beautiful.

Body image issues are a real and terrible matter. The negative thoughts poisoning your mind and leading you to believe you aren’t beautiful continue to erode your self-confidence until there is nothing left. You’ve considered plastic surgery, but quickly rejected the idea because everyone else might judge you. Everyone else might think it was superficial, or the easy way out. But is it ‘easy’ not loving yourself on a daily basis?

The truth is that your destructive thoughts are a far more important issue than what someone else is going to think. Take your mental health and wellness into your own hands and silence all the other noise. Why should you have to sacrifice your own happiness for the opinions of others? There are real psychological benefits to plastic surgery that can make you feel beautiful and happy again. After all, there is no price tag for your own happiness.

There is a plethora of positive and negative information surrounding plastic surgery, but the bottom line is that studies show there are incredible psychological benefits to plastic surgery that cannot be matched. A study recently conducted by Sage Journals depicts the incredible outcomes that come from plastic surgery, including improving social phobia, severe anxiety, depression, and increasing general self-esteem. Additionally, many people reported that their quality of life improved because they began to love themselves more. According to Psych Central, “improvements in the women’s self-esteem and sexual satisfaction were directly correlated with having undergone breast augmentation.” Women who undergo breast augmentation are generally happier and feel sexier, which in turn improves their sex life. And let us not exclude men from these surgeries. Many studies have revealed that men that go through plastic surgery come out feeling stronger and more confident in the end.

This isn’t to say the sexier or prettier you are the happier you are, but rather, the sexier and prettier you feel directly correlate with how happy you are. Maybe you have been trying everything possible to lose those last couple pounds and nothing you are doing is helping because you have a hypothyroid problem. There is nothing worth sacrificing your own happiness when there is a completely viable cure. Or if you have a physical deformity that causes you embarrassment every time you set one foot out the door. Do not torture yourself anymore. No one should have to go through a life with such mental torture. Studies have shown that the removal of physical deformities results in an immediate boost of self-confidence and happiness.

There is no shame in admitting that you need help. There are some battles that are impossible to face all on our own. And there are people in this world willing to help you feel better about yourself. Plastic surgery could be the exact ripple effect that you need. The moment you start loving your face, or your body, you can be yourself again without apologizing. You can walk with confidence everywhere you go and not have to dread looking in the mirror or catching your reflection in the window of a moving car. You will finally be free to go out in public and socialize with your peers without fear. Maybe you will have the confidence to ask out that girl or guy at work, or change in front of your husband again.

Most of all, you won’t need anyone else’s approval but your own. Studies everywhere display the benefits of loving yourself, and by far the most important one is gaining your own approval. We’ve all heard that we are our worst enemy when it comes to criticism, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. The minute you start loving yourself, the less critical you are, and the more open you will become to living a life of happiness.

So why wait any longer?

4 Problem Areas You Can Fix with Lipo

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It’s human nature to want to look our best. We tend to home in on our imperfections and get frustrated when we can’t seem to just fix the problem. The truth is, we can eat healthfully and exercise all we want, but there will always be things that are beyond our control.

A liposuction is a great option for anyone who is having a tough time getting rid of stubborn fat or who needs more definition in their body. It even helps get rid of cellulite. Although it is a surgical procedure, it’s a common one, so there have been quite a lot of success stories to come out of it.

Here are five problem areas that you can fix with liposuction:

  1. Jawline

First impressions are important, and most people will notice someone’s face before they notice anything else. If your jawline is sagging, or you have a double chin, you may be looking a bit aged.

Liposuction can take years off of your face by slimming down your jawline. It can also get rid of the dreaded double chin and get rid of excess fat in the upper neck area. You can feel confident when people look at your face, instead of constantly worrying about whether or not they are staring at your jawline. There is also a neck liposuction procedure available for those who feel they have too much fat deposit around their necks.

  1. Torso

Even the most slender women struggle with fat deposits in their back and upper torso. It’s especially embarrassing when there are areas that bulge out around bras and bikini tops.

Liposuction can be used to contour your body and get rid of those trouble areas. You can finally go to the beach feeling confident. If you’re doing liposuction to your stomach and love handles, you may also want to consider getting rid of the fat in your back and upper torso.

  1. Breasts

Some women need surgical breast reduction, but others simply need a subtle reshaping of their breasts. Liposuction offers a scar-free way to get rid of excess fatty tissue in the breast area.

Don’t forget, liposuction can only do subtle reshaping, not a full reduction.

  1. Male Chest

Nearly 60% of men suffer from gynecomastia, which is when a man develops enlarged breasts. This can occur as a side effect of certain drugs, as a result of rapid weight gain, or because of hormonal changes in the body.

Liposuction can sculpt the chest for a more muscular, firm, and defined look. It’s an opportunity to feel more masculine and look your best.

Liposuction isn’t for everyone, but if you are simply tired of being unhappy with certain parts of your body, it may be worth considering. If you’re looking into getting liposuction, be sure to do your research and make sure you are comfortable with the procedure.

If you get lipo to get rid of your fat and lose weight, make sure to eat healthfully and work out so that you can keep it off. Gaining back the weight is possible if you do not adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Some individuals have even had to return for a second (and sometimes a third) liposuction procedure for the same area. Liposuction gives you an opportunity to start fresh, so use that opportunity to take better care of your body.

Once you’ve made a decision on what part of your body you’d like to do liposuction on, you should consult a board certified plastic surgeon. Be sure to choose one who has a good reputation, and who has before and after photos available for you to preview.

Be sure to ask questions such as:

  • Am I a good candidate for liposuction?
  • What, realistically speaking, will be my results in a best case scenario?
  • How long will my recovery period be?
  • What risks and complications are associated with liposuction?
  • How will my body look over a long period of time? What if I go through a pregnancy?

These should help you get on the right track, and they will help you verify if this is what you truly want.

Summer-Ready with 5 Popular Procedures for Summer

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Summer is the time of year when we shed our coats and boots for tank tops, swimsuits, and flip-flops.  However, if you are not feeling your very best this year, and are looking for a little lift for shorts and swimsuit weather, there are five popular procedures to consider.  All have their own benefits, giving you an added boost to help you look and feel like a million bucks as we enter the summer season.


Can Plastic Surgery Change Your Perceived Personality?

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Female face with wrinkles on forehead

Many women and men use plastic surgery to look better, look younger, and make themselves feel good about their looks, too.  But recent research shows your plastic surgery may change more than just your appearance to other people.  It turns out facial rejuvenation surgery can make women look more attractive to strangers, plus appear more likeable, too.


Can You Have Alcohol Before or After Surgery?

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From peanut butter and jelly to chips and salsa, and from a broom and a dustpan to rain and an umbrella, there is a list of things that go well together. We can go on about coupling up different things that need each other, but what doesn’t go together well is plastic surgery and alcohol. You heard that right. Consumption of any alcoholic beverage both before and after your surgery can increase the risk of complications. (more…)

20 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Having Surgery

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If you’re a first time patient of cosmetic procedures, we understand the nervous feelings that you experience prior to the surgery. Some of it is due to stepping outside your comfort zone, while a lot of it deals with the fear of the unknown. You spend hours online Googling away, which often times leads to more confusion rather than providing any meaningful or believable information. You need real answers from a trusted board-certified professional, which is ultimately your plastic surgeon. What kind of questions should you ask your plastic surgeon? (more…)

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